We are not held responsible for any bulling/self-harm done. While this is highly not likely to happen, we will always moderate our forums to make sure each and every person is treated correctly. Any bullying taking place will be removed from our platform and the person will get banned. Users should also make sure to think before posting. While we technically don't have set rules for the forums, users should know what to and what not to do. Anything rude, bad, negative, etc. will return in a ban.

Please note that forum admins will have access to see your email address, but we'll only email you if it's important. (You can change your email settings by clicking here).

Your email will NOT be displayed publically. 

Your name will be displayed publically unless you change your username and display name by going to your profile (at the top right), then clicking "Profile", then clicking "Edit Profile", and changing that info. Everything listed under "Edit Profile' is displayed publically.


Last Updated: 6/2/2021